Sponsoring Local Community Clubs and Recreations

UPSURGE Company Limited Sponsoring employee’s Tennis Club

At UPSURGE, we support local community clubs and recreations, especially if our employees are a part of it! On the 23rd of May, our Lawyer Mr. Tro, who has been handling all of our legal affairs and global contracts/partnership, had informed us that he and the rest of his tennis club will be expanding and are looking for sponsorship for this opening event. As someone who had contributed greatly to UPSURGE, from negotiating and drafting confidentiality agreements, commercial contracts, and providing legal counsel, Mr. Tro has always gone above and beyond to support the company in all of its legal dilemmas. When presented with this sponsorship, we were more than happy to support one of our key employee and the rest of his tennis club. UPSURGE provided a portion of the financial support needed for the club to expand the playing field and all related accessories. We are more than happy to sponsor our employees’ passion outside of the company, we believe in promoting our employees well-being, a healthy and positive mindset will allow our staffs to work to the best of their abilities.