Effective date: 1 January 2019

1. Who we are

Building on our established woven and nonwoven fusible interlining business, Upsurge set its sight on becoming Asia’s leading producer and exporter of sustainable textile products. By challenging conventional production methods, sourcing clean and sustainable raw materials, to innovative and intentional product designs, we aim to set a new standard in textile manufacturing, different from current and old manufacturing methodologies. With corporate responsibilty at the forefront of today’s economic climate and the growing factor in consumer’s choice, our mission is to become the flagship in sustainable innovation within the textile industry.

2. Mission

Creating new, innovative, and sustainable products with intentional design from unwanted waste fabric to give new-added value for consumer use.

3. Vision

Challenging traditional manfacturing process: Uprooting conventional manufacturing process from sourcing to procurement to implement a more sustainable process.

4. Company Information

  • Name: Upsurge Company Limited
  • Core Business: Woven and NonWoven Fusible Interlining, Recycled Felt Products, Textile Consulting
  • Client: Gloria Jeans, Gate1, Beck Group, Corosa, Emil Deiss KG, JIP BV, Desch Products, and many more
  • Certifications: OEKO-TEX 100, Global Recycle Standard, ISO9001