from beginning to end

From raw materials to final products, we push for innovative design and selective sourcing to ensure our clients and consumers, goods that are environmnetally concious, friendly, and intentional. It is our mission to reduce carbon footprint on an international scale by consulting and supplying our clients with recycled and refurbished fabric products.

Innovative and Intentional Design

Our consulting services are designed to deliver great customer experiences. We help you identify your challenges and opportunities to accelerate growth.

Challenging Conventional

Production & Sourcing

At Upsurge we aim to challenge conventional production methods and sourcing through our Upsurge Program. The Upsurge Program is our logistic guide to sustainability, which starts from sourcing qualified suppliers, to strict testing measures and quality check of raw materials, using renewable energy and overall energy reduction during production, alternative and sustainable methods of upcycling production waste, to sustainable packaging of final products and goods. Our logistic guide aims and follow the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) that is highly sought after for all textile manufacturer and global buyers of textile goods.

Sustainably Focused R&D

Research and developement is the heart of our Innovation Team, we focus on finding sustainable alternatives in raw materials, creating product design that offers sustainable alternatives to current existing products, as well as coming up with solutions to clear out and refurbish current textile waste that is being outputted by the millions every year.

Global Partnership

It is through key strategic partnership that makes changes possible and by partnering up with the right organizations, we can push for refurbished waste fabric products and bring new added value to a global issue. At Upsurge, we believe that global partnership is necessary to create exposure to sustainable products that society has yet to accept and adapt to. By collaborating with international partners, we can further scale the speed of adaptability through cross-sector collaboration, and with greater global presense the penetration for product-to-maket for sustainable textile product will be more visible to consumers.