We provide a wide arrange of services, from sample testing to product
development and textile consulting

1. Sample Testing

At Upsurge, we provide comprehensive in-house testing reports to all of our clients who are looking to source the best-fitted interlining for their main fabric requirments. Our trained quality assurance staff will test your main fabric with our multitude of interlinings here at Upsurge to let you know which will work best for your needs. We provide a full range of fabric testing which includes; bond strength test, pressure test, flame retardent test, Wash test, etc. In addition to our in-house testing, we also provide clients with third-party testing from accredited QA/QC labratory such as INTERTEK, TUV, IDFL, and more, that we worked in partnership with. Our top priority is providing our clients with certified, quality assured, products that is free of toxic and harmful chemicals that would damage the environment and effect the overall supply chain of our clients.

2. Product Development

At the core of our business, Upsurge is a big believer of driving innovation and re-inventing the way manufacturers produces interlinings and textiles. Our R&D staff embody this core value of innovation and are always ready to develop new products or redevelop existing products that our clients want. Our innovation team will provide in-house testing, development reports, and prototyping for any products that our clients requests to be research and developed. Our trained technicians will provide you with testing reports and samples on a per-weekly basis on the development of your products. Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-saving alternatives that is quality assured and most importantly, more effective and better fitted for our client’s existing business and future bussiness ventures.

3. Consulting

With over 20+ years of industry experience in the interlining and textile productions, we at Upsurge have acquired the technical knowledge, aptitude, and experiences to provide clients with result-driven consulting services. Our executive team at Upsurge have a proven track record of providing consulting services and solutions to some of the leading textile manufacturers and clothing brands; such as Freudenburg – Vilene, Columbia Sportswear, American Eagle, Gate1, and many more. We have resolved some of our clients toughest dilemma ranging from sourcing/procuring cost-saving alternatives to providing technical methodologies to solving production-based problems at the root cause. At Upsurge, we have developed a consulting team which will provide our clients with a wide range of consulting services, stemming from productions-based technicallyoriented consulting to cost-saving and business-advancing consulting, everything relating to interlining and textiles, our team is ready to provide full-proof execution plan to guide your business in the right direction.