UpSurge Company

With extensive investment into our Innovation team, we focus on intentional design with a focus on sustainability at the core of each product. From idea creation to concept design to protoyping, each process has a value-added step that solidify our intentions of creating a sustainable product from sourcing, recycling, and refurbishing waste fabric and raw material, all-in-all.

At Upsurge, innovation is driven by our flexibility and adaptability to today’s current economic climate. For us, we allow our innovation team to freely express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, which in turns allow them to come up with fresh and inventive designs that is helping us re-shape the way we produce textile products. It is through our sustainable textile products that will push for a new wave of production within the textile industry, a change that no one has yet to challenge on a global scale.

Upsurge is here to challenge and push for that change, to set the bar for all stakeholders, to see that it is possible for both sustainability and profitability to coexist in the deeply rooted textile industry.

Our branding works

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  • Knitting Woven Fusible
  • Nonwoven Fusible Interlining (Chemical bond)
  • Nonwoven Fusible Interlining (Thermobond)
  • Recycled Felt Product
  • Woven Fusible Interlining