Celebrating the Lunar New Year with UPSURGE | 2023


Company Holiday: Lunar New Year 2023 | UPSURGE Co., Ltd |

Starting off the new year with a festive holiday event at UPSURGE’s manufacturing facility!

At UPSURGE, cultural heritage and traditions means a great deal to us. A national holiday like Lunar New Year only happens once per year, it is a day where people look back upon what they have accomplished that year and look forward to upcoming opportunities that they will to accomplish in the upcoming year. Here at UPSURGE, we value out employees well-being and celebrate all accomplishments – big or small. With a holiday like Lunar New Year, it is the perfect opportunity to give back to our employees for all they have done throughout the year. We kicked off the company’s lunar new year event on the 9th of February, which is nearing the end of Vietnam’s national holiday and soon to begin business again throughout the country. For us, it has been a tradition to “re-open” the company on the 9th as the number 9 represents fortune and wealth – for example 9999 Gold. Our founder and CEO John believes in feng shui, to an extent, therefore every year lunar new year our company would “re-open” business on the 9th to symbolize luck, fortune, and wealth for the new year.

On this day, the company would inform all of our staff and employees to partake in this company-wide event, as a way to create a stronger bond between the company and the workers. We pay our appreciation to their hard work and effort by setting up a banquet, mini-games, gifts/rewards, year end bonuses, and many other fun activities such as karaoke for our staff to partake in throughout the day. Unfortunately, compared to previous years, this year Vietnam as a whole suffer from slow business and a declining economy that made it hard for manufacturing companies to operate and profit. Though, UPSURGE saw fit to provide to the best of their financial ability to host a small celebration so that the staff and employees can reap the success of their hard work. This year, we prepared a banquet filled with many varieties of Vietnamese delicacies, year end bonuses, new year gift packages, and free clothes to all employees – clothes of which we bought from our clients who buy our material to produce their garment products! Although it is not much, we at UPSURGE did our best to provide our employees with something of value so that they can see the company appreciate their hard work and effort that they have put in. This is a tradition that we will continue as long as the company is up and running, as we truly believe, hard work should always be rewarded. We do not take our employees work for granted and will always support and provide all of our staff with the opportunities and environment to continue growing as the company grow as well. Check back again next year for our blog and recap on Lunar New Year 2024!