Textile and Garment Industry Expo: SaigonTex 2023 | April 5th, 2023

UPSURGE’s Innovative and Intentional Design, showcased at SaigonTex 2023

On April 5th, 2023, UPSURGE Company Limited attended the SaigonTex 2023 as an exhibitor showcasing their products: Woven and Nonwoven Fusible Interlining, Waist Bands, Painter Felt / Floor Coverings, and Recycle felt products – tote bags, planter pot, and other accessories. This was the first time UPSURGE showcase their new sustainable product line at an event of this scale, an event featuring a line up of manufacturers and suppliers of Textile and Garment related products, machineries, and services from all over the world. This was also the first time UPSURGE’s Founder and CEO, John Le (Previously Founder and CEO of MaxBond Co., Ltd), appeared to the public under his new company after the legal dispute against his older brother, Vinh Le, over MaxBond Co., Ltd ownership. You can read more about this story in our other blog here.

With the appearance of the newly founded company lead by Bert Le, Managing Director and COO, UPSURGE Co., Ltd, stand to create a new and lasting impact in the interlining and textile industry. With the topic of sustainability at the forefront of today’s economic climate, UPSURGE pushes the boundary of innovative and intentional design in each and every single one of their products. From raw material sourcing, to idea creation, and to finally procurement – sustainability is embodied at the core of every step. This vision is represented in the products that were showcased during SaigonTex 2023, from Nonwoven Interlining made from recycled fiber to Recycled Felt Products (Painter Felt/Floor Coverings, Tote Bags, Planter Pot, Accessories, etc) which were all made from 100% recycled scrap fabrics from Garment manufacturers.

At SaigonTex 2023, UPSURGE showcased how it gave new life and new meanings to garment and textile waste, by truly demonstrating how innovative and intentional designs are meant to be used and applied in an industry as deeply rooted as this. In an industry that is deeply rooted in old, outdated, manufacturing methodologies and as saturated with thousands of so-called “Green manufacturers”, UPSURGE stands apart from the rest by offering clear-cut solutions for clients through sustainable product choices and consulting practices that is backed by technical expertise directly from UPSURGE’s Founder, John Le, who by in fact was one of the first to bring the Non-Woven interlining business into Vietnam as the main distributor for Freudenberg Vilene – a household name for interlining. Since the end of SaigonTex 2023, many new overseas clients have contacted UPSURGE to souce their products or have requested their assistance in providing consultation services in the field of woven and non-woven interlining.

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